The Kyiv Watch Factory has essentially strengthened own production capacities. The Swiss "know-how" has been adopted and put into operation, all material and technical basis has been updated, the modern watch equipment has been purchased, allowing assembling watches by the newest technology.

Traditionally, KLEYNOD watches made by the Kyiv Watch Factory contain only original Swiss movement of ETA and RONDA factories. From the beginning of 2007, the enterprise has introduced the innovative four-level principle of technical control of products, which has allowed raising the quality standards to a level of the Swiss manufactories.

The Kyiv Watch Factory uses a principle of assembly production, that is a principle used approximately by 95% of all world manufacturers of watches, and only five percent maintain the whole engineering production procedure - from production of cases and movement to assembling and sale.

What is the Ukrainian in KLEYNOD watches?

• design of cases and dials;
• own design-and-technological development;
• proprietary writing of figures in the Ukrainian style;
• exclusively Ukrainian name, registered trade mark;
• assembly of watches, quality control and final preparation for sale;
• guarantee and post guarantee service by the manufacturer - Kyiv Watch Factory.

KLEYNOD is qualitative watch.

• Manufacturing of cases of KLEYNOD watches is using only stainless steel, original gilt Swiss RONDA movement with ruby stones (instead of Hong Kong analogue without gilding and ruby stones which is used in the majority of “pseudo Swiss” watches), a strap of high quality.

• The Swiss analogue of watch having similar technical characteristics is 1.5-2 times more expensive than the Ukrainian KLEYNOD.

What is the difference between stainless steel cases and brass cases?

• Manufacturing of cases from stainless steel is much more expensive than from brass (stainless steel as a metal is more expensive than brass, besides, the processes of manufacturing and treatment of steel cases are technologically complex and expensive). Therefore, cheap watches with the stainless steel case and bracelet do not exist.

Operational characteristics and difference between stainless steel cases and brass cases:

• Silvery Cases Judging from appearance, they are very similar, as brass cases are plating by a thin layer of the chromeplated plating looking from the outside like steel, but with time, under the influence of external factors, cracks can appear on the plating and dark zones are becoming apparent resulting in unaesthetic watch appearance.
The cases produced from steel are simply polishing and have no plating at all, i.e. do not change color throughout all life. Besides, steel cases have absolute hypoallergenic properties.

• Gilt Cases

Cohesion of gold with steel is technologically stronger than with brass.

At a place of gilding wear on steel cases, the steel is becoming apparent by scarcely noticeable change of color to clear one.

On brass cases, at wear of gilding, the brass is becoming apparent by dark stains looking unaesthetic.

Besides, specificity of KLEYNOD watch bracelets consists in links produced as unbroken (not twisted from the steel sheet). Such bracelet has smooth contours and is more comfortable for a hand than a bracelet with composite links.

What is IPG gilding used in KLEYNOD watches, how many microns are in it?

There are two basic types of gold plating:

1. Customary - galvanic. It is measured in microns and has the property to wear out in a short time (from 1 year down to several months).
2. Modern - ion sputtering (IPG-/Ion Plated Gold/or PVD). Interaction of the plating with metal occurs at molecular level (gold ions bombard a steel surface) ensuring reliability and integrity of the plating for a long term. IPG-plating is not measured in microns. Such gilding, at correct watch operation, can be preserved for three and more years.